Christmas 2016 Playmats and Bikes Sale

xmas-sale1Email or call 64255279 for enquiry. We are opened on Sat (10am-4pm) and Thur (call or email to confirm timing for weekdays, usually 10am-5pm).






Kinderbike morph $200 for green and purple, $250 with free delivery or helmet worth $30 for red and blue.







3girlsredcruzee $195 with free delivery or helmet.

LITTLE_FRIENDS_AUlittle friends M 15mm $240 (U.P$305)


A)150x80 play 따로 4garden delight 15mm M $240 (U.P$305) free delivery


ocean L 15mm $287 (U.P$359) free delivery


Farm Friends and Contemporary M 12mm $199 (U.P$269) free delivery. dwinguler-kidss-green-playmat-contemporary-medium-12mm-p1-340x340farm_au

Comflor Animal Ark SG50 ABC L 15mm $190 (U.P $249) with delivery


Comflor Fruit Farm M $120 (U.P$175) with delivery

little boy drawing with color pencil and sitting on the floor at home

Castle Playard L 8 panels $369 (U.P$429) or $299 bundle with L Ocean at $287 with delivery.

Dwinguler Castle-6Dwinguler Castle-5

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