Comflor Prime Play Mat

Comflor Prime Play Mat…인쇄

improved patented technology:-

  • Soft: improved air cell function with high density (4-way chain block), higher elasticity for softness and better support (for baby crawling and walking)
  • Specialised embossing reduces creases and surface abrasion, makes for easier cleaning
  • Non-slip: enhanced for better contact with the floor to reduce mat movement
  • Memory foam technology for easy bounce recovery when pressed down

Pricing kept affordable, maintains the BPA and formimide / formadehyde free worldwide safety testing for babies that Comflor premium mats are known and recognised for.

L size: 2100 x 1400 x 13mm  (fits nicely within the customised Comflor Playard / Playfence 10 panel set with use of stability suction floor pads)

M size: 1850 x 1250 x 12mm

Design: Giraffe in Love (geometry triangles on the reverse)         Retail price: $249 (L), $190 (M) Now on sale at $170 (L), $159 (M) for self collection, $195 & $165 for delivery

Watch video:   Comflor Babycare Playmat Youtube video

This brand is also known as Babycare Crown in USA

Also available: Comflor Playard custom fits Comflor Prime L mat and Comflor S mat

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