Dfang Rug, Duo Hybrid & Folder Mats


Popular with childcare centres and preschools in Australia and Korean customers, Dfang, pronounced [di:faŋ]  combines style with function, quality and affordability. Inspired by Nordic designs, these reversible, certified non-toxic, waterproof and durable mats are great for the nursery, living room, bedroom, childcare centre, kindergartens and many other locations that house babies and young children. They provide a safe anti-dust mite cushioned surface for kids to learn to crawl, roll, walk, run, play and sleep. All Dfang rug mats imported from Korea into Singapore are 16mm in thickness because we know Singaporean parents want a thick mat for baby’s protection. The designs feature one side for child/baby and the other side for the parent/house decor.  Ranging from S to XL size, there are also 3-folder mats and duo hybrid PVC/PE lightweight mats to choose from.

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See Dfang videos here to show the new range, that the mat is scratchproof even by a dog and waterproof plus anti-crease features.


S Size (1350x1050x16mm) Designs:  Adele Grey, Honeycomb Beige/City Road blue, Honeycomb Teal/City Road pink  Retail Price $129 Launch price $99

Honeycomb beige City Road Boy_crop


Honeycomb Aqua City Road Pink_crop








M Size (1850x1400x16mm) Designs: Adele Grey, Rainbow Fish, ABC Zoo   Retail price $199 Launch price $159

Adele Greyadeleback_crop
Rainbow fish































L Size (2100x1400x16mm) Designs: Diana, Moire City Road Retail price $250 Launch price $190   L size Dfang custom fits Comflor L 10 panel playard.















Catalog Moire City Road


XL Size (2400x1400x16mm) Design: Zigzag Alphabet  Retail price $299 Launch price $219

























Super lightweight yet comfortable and soft, this certified non-toxic duo mat combines the soft feel of PVC on the surface with the lightweight PE foam in the interior.

Specs: 2000 x 1350 x 14 mm in 2 designs: Adele Grey and Grandreve Stars    Retail price $175 Launch price $99


Dfang 3 folder mat

Tri-folder mat which is waterproof & easy clean, certified non toxic, thick 40mm, 2GN V Type Emboss for increased durability, stitchless welding technology, shock prevention (fall injury protection) and noise reduction usage.  Design: Grandreves Stars.  Dimension: 1800 x 1370 x 40mm. Retail price $249 Launch price $199



Safety Non-toxic Certification



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Did you know that the Dfang large size mats 2100 x 1400 mm custom fits into the Comflor L Playard 10 panels?