Kinderbike Balance Bike Singapore

KINDERBIKE Singapore – Award winning and top-rated balance bike that looks, feels and ride like a real bike!

PW BOTB Baby Kids Products 2016Originating from Bavaria Germany, the Kinderbike has become America’s top rated balance bike (quality/value) and a popular choice among parents,  winning the Creative Toy Award in 2011 and 2015 (Best Toy Award), Parents World Best of the Best Kid Product (2016). It’s been top rated in Livestrong and independent reviewers too.

New York Times praises its quality as ‘the best’ in its independent reviews of balance bikes in the market, 4 consecutive years in a row (2012-2016).

Why buy a Balance Bike?
1.Training wheels are wobbly and heavy
2.Training wheels do not instil confidence in young
riders nor teach them how to balance.
3. Find out why more and more parents are ditching training wheels for balance trainers, which has been the de facto way to train a child to ride in Europe for a long time.
4.Balance trainers like Kinderbike are safest method to train young riders.
5. A Kinderbike trainer will give your children the confidence and freedom of movement, building self-confidence and motor skills.

Why Kinderbike?
-Industry best – limited Lifetime Warranty! Plus 100% satisfaction guarantee
-Good quality frame – full 6061 Aluminium Alloy, no plastic parts unlike most balance bikes in the market.
-Lightweight – from 6.5lbs (2.9 kg)
-Adjustable saddle angle and heights and handlebar angle/heights – grows with your child
-Accessories included in price– bell, reflector, v-brakes, sure-flange grips, padded saddle seat with 3 bolt support.

-3 attractive colours  – red, blue, green (purple for Morph)
-High rider weight limit – 75 lbs /34.1 kg
-Dual plane adjustable handlebars (move up/down, forward and back) an upscale feature not known to be on other balance bikes to this date.
-The bikes also come with a linear pull V-brake – the most common brake found on mountain bikes and easy to use for kids.
– Kinderbikes have air tires that give great traction for a smooth, cushioned and quick ride that mimics a real bike!
-For children 18 months to 5 years old

See youtube videos of toddlers/young children riding their kinderbikes:
you can check these out: son at 4.5 riding his blue laufrad, he’s since progressed to a pedal bike)  (2 year old on Eseries)

 Morph Hybrid in action


Developed for future bike enthusiasts, the E Series boasts and incredibly light frameset (from 3kg) without compromising quality with the trainer’s most critical components. The combination of low-standover height and extreme light
weight allows toddlers as young as one plus to learn to ride.

Seat : 11’-15’ (starting at 28cm)
Colours: Red, blue, green,
Frame: Alloy steel
Tyres: All terrain EVA 12’ polymer (no need to pump, maintenance free & puncture proof)

Handlebar: fully adjustable with a quick-release alloy collar.  Handlebar color coordinated with frame.

Headset: Steel, twin bearings
Saddle: Cushioned wide-pad for comfort
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Safety: Certified compliant ASTM F963, HR40,Prop 65, CPSIA, CE, EN71

Low center of gravity for optimal control and maneuverability

European styled, deep step through design for small riders

Full range of motion steering, essential for your child’s transition to standard bicycles

Weight of bike: 2.7 kg
Max wt of child: 75 lbs (34 kg)   Age suitability: 18mths – 5 years


MINI-LAUFRAD       Mini Laufrad in action

Seat : 11’-15.5’ (starting at 28cm)
Colours: Red, blue, green
Frame: 6061 aluminium
Tyres: All terrain pneumatic tyres (like normal and adult bikes), to provide a smoother cushioned ride.
Brakes: Rear V- brake, the best braking system for young learners
Handle bar: Dual adjust , alloy quill 120mm, dual plane angle/height adjusted with quick release clamp.
Headset: Steel, twin bearings
Saddle: Dual adjust, angle/height, adjusted with quick release clamp
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Safety: Certified compliant ASTM F963, HR4040, Prop 65, CPSIA
Accessories included: Bell, reflector, v- brake
Weight of bike: 3.1 kg
Max wt of child: 75 lbs (34 kg)   Age suitability: 18mths – 5 years

morph2_render_explodedpurple morph pedal

2016 MORPH 

One of its kind! Morph Hybrid

Converts from balance trainer to pedal bike with Plug-N-Play®, the only true balance bike that grows with your child from 3-6+ years.

  • Lightweight 6061 aluminium frameset and alloy components
  • Split frame design for low saddle height
  • Inverted channel-lock structure
  • Saddle & handlebar dual adjust height and angle
  • Rugged tread all terrain pneumatic 12” wheels
  • Rear coaster brake
  • Single wall aluminum rims
  • 2 length seat posts
  • Certifiied compliant CFR1512
  • Four colours two tone: red, blue, green, violet
  • Inseam 31-54 cm (for height of child 90-120cm)

For more information, click here for the Kinderbike HQ website and Kinderbike Sg website      Click here to check out our in-store promotions!

Prices start at $138 (with delivery). Visit us at our IMM showroom to try the different models /brands of bikes. We are open on 1 to 6pm and Thur morning  (do call in advance for weekday visits). Call us at 84966880. We accept cash only as we are a warehouse/office set up. 

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“My son got on his Kinderbike immediately after we assembled it and in a 2 hours, he was gliding around the pool area showing off his new skill. He loves the bike and now wants to ride it everyday at every opportunity!  You’ll be hearing from some of our neighbours soon :)  as they’re now interested to buy the bike after seeing Ben whizz around like a pro.”                                                                                                                                     –  Jeremy Johnston, dad of 3-year old Ben, 2012


“The kids are enjoying riding the Kinderbikes”                            – principal of Phyllis’ Riccia, which introduced ‘learn to ride a bike’ activity for pre-schoolers, 2012.



 Our bikes come in boxes (see pic) 80% assembled and requires a little assembling for the front wheel and adjustments for height for the handlebar and seat. The v-brake for the Mini and the Laufrad have been pre-assembled . Tips on assembly:  To insert the handlebar grip into the metal bar, spray some hair spray and the grip will slip in easily. If you need to take out the grip from the bar, pour a little soap water into the grip to loosen it from the bar.


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